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Data Repository

A repository to store, curate, publish, and showcase research data and non-traditional research outputs like datasets, code, video, audio, and disciplinary specific files.

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What is research data?

Research data is anything that is generated or collected during the course of a research project that could be of use to the wider research community.


A fully maintained and developed Software as a Service (SaaS) platform running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a record of 99.9% up time, reported transparently through the Figshare Status page. Storage can be provided via the closest AWS node or data can be stored locally at the institution or a number of other cloud storage providers.

A custom-branded portal for all your research

Showcase all your institution's research outputs in one place, with powerful faceted search to increase the discoverability and several sort options including sort by citation counts or Altmetric score. Give your repository a familiar look and feel with custom branding options on your institutional domain eg. Create sub portals for your different departments, groups, labs, or conferences giving each their own look and feel.

Easy upload for researchers

Simply drag and drop your research files into the browser with no restrictions on file type and support for file uploads of up to 5 terabytes, complete a simple metadata form as defined by the administrators and click publish. Flexible options are available for large files or bulk uploads via the API. All uploads are resumable and MD5 checksums are displayed to ensure file integrity.

Files visualized and previewed

Over 1,200 file types are visualized and previewed in the browser increasing engagement with content and removing the need for downloading and third party software.

Get a DOI

All published research is given a persistent identifier in the form of a Datacite Digital Object Identifier (DOI) making all published research citable. We can mint DOIs on your behalf, ensuring they’re unique to your institution, so if you migrate content to another platform, you take your DOIs with you. DOIs are versioned so if files or metadata are updated you can always reference the latest copy and can look back through previous versions.  

Publish open or share privately

Research can be published openly to comply with funder, government, publisher, and institutional policies. Research can also be shared privately between collaborators with a private link or in collaborative project spaces.

Restricted access publishing

Research can be published to a restricted group either by IP, by group or to administrators only. Research restricted by IP can be a fixed IP address (one computer or location), an IP range (a whole university campus) or both. Research restricted by group is published only to your lab, department, discipline or however it is defined at your institution. Research restricted to administrators can only be viewed by the administrators of Figshare for Institutions, which is particularly useful for assessment submissions like ERA or REF.

Flexible license options

Research can be published under a variety of customizable licenses, including the Creative Commons suite of CC-BY, CC0, CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-NA, and more.

Altmetric scores

Measure the online attention of all published research powered by our Digital Science sister company Altmetric. The Altmetric donut is on every item to give you an indicator of attention in blogs, gray literature, news outlets, on social media, and more. Users can click through to see the underlying data and each mention.


Citation counts

The only repository to have full text citation counts from over 100 million peer reviewed publications through our sister companies ReadCube and Dimensions. Users can click through to see the articles that reference the dataset for free - no Dimensions subscription required.

Review files before they are published

Researchers can publish directly to the institutional portal or files can be submitted for review by an administrator before they go live. Use the on-platform messaging functionality to suggest enhancements to researchers’ data and metadata. Administrators can also make changes on behalf of time-strapped researchers.

If you don’t have the resources in house to manage submissions and to review data, then Figshare can provide curation services support.

Custom metadata

Ensure that all the appropriate descriptive metadata is captured at the point of upload with custom metadata schemas. Metadata schemas can be configured through the administration panel on a departmental or group level.

Enhanced indexing

All published research is indexed in common search engines like Google as well as academic specific Google Scholar, Google Dataset Search and national metadata registries.

Admin panel

Configure and manage your repository in a simple interface, increase storage quotas, manage users, customize metadata schemas with administrative guides to help you setup your repository.


Share files and notes with a group of collaborators either inside or outside of your institution using Projects. Choose to keep the project private or share it publicly to encourage more collaborators.


Integrate with a number of third party systems like electronic lab notebooks, CRIS/RIMS and code repositories.

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