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A home for papers, FAIR data and non-traditional research outputs
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Simple and FAIR

We make it as simple as possible to make research Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR)
  • Publish research in any file format and assign an institutionally-branded DOI

  • Document with customizable, discipline-specific metadata

  • Discoverable content across major search engines and academic frameworks


Showcase all of your institution’s research in one place

A repository for papers, data, theses, books, code, videos, images, audio recordings, posters, presentations and all other non-traditional research outputs.

  • Organize research by discipline, department, lab, or file type

  • Curate and review all content before it is published

  • Group together content into collections


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Interoperate with other systems

Use our powerful API to access and reuse data and connect to other systems at your institution.

  • Push and pull files, metadata, and reporting information with your CRIS/RIMS

  • Fit seamlessly into researcher workflows and automate record creation by capturing data directly from electronic lab notebooks or other research instruments

  • Connect with preservation systems for long-term archiving and file conversion

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