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Research Centers

Some institutions have created subgroup pages for research centers to allow them a branded space to display their outputs.

Tarfala Research Station  Stockholm University

Liggins Institute  The University of Auckland

Practice-as-Research Centre of Excellence  University of Salford

The Reanimating Data Project  University of Sussex


Whether it’s to display the outputs from a particular project or for assessment, several institutions use collections to group portfolios together. Some also include the documentation for assessment. To read more about portfolios, check out this case study.

Art Pop Intersections  University of Salford

Evaluation of Hydrological Processes and
Environmental Impacts of Free and Controlled Subsurface Drainage

Purdue University Graduate School

Artist Boss Bath Spa University (REF submission)


If there’s a museum associated with your institution, they may benefit from using a Figshare subgroup for showcasing their exhibits.

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA)

The British Museum

Special Collections

Creating a subgroup for special collections is a great way of displaying the contents of the collection in a controlled, but public way.

The Planet Bethlehem Archive  University of Sussex

Zamani Project  ZivaHub (University of Cape Town)

University Press

Figshare can support university presses as subgroups and some university presses use separate portals.

Colloquy  Text | Theory | Critique  Monash University

Monash University Law Review  Monash University

Stockholm Research Reports in Demography  Stockholm University

Amsterdam University Press

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Some institutions, like Utrecht University, use Figshare exclusively for learning objects. If your institution has a strong connection between teaching and learning, you may wish to upload teaching materials alongside research outputs.

Stockholm University Open Educational Resources  Stockholm University

9 Module PowerPoint slides  La Trobe

Utrecht University

Theses and Dissertations

Some institutions use their Figshare instance as a full institutional repository or as a theses repository.

Monash University Theses

University of Leicester Theses

Purdue University Graduate School

Institutional and Data Repository

Several institutions use their Figshare portal as an all-in-one institutional and data repository.

Carnegie Mellon University

Loughborough University

University of Leicester

Conference Materials

If your institution hosts conferences, you may want to create a subgroup to display outputs from the conference. These can be presentations, posters, conference proceedings, recordings from the event, and more. If you have attendees from outside the institution, you can configure a non-logged in submission workflow to accept submissions from external users. To set this up, please contact

T4I2016  The University of Sheffield

UCT Open Data Day 2020  ZivaHub (University of Cape Town)


Your institution may have archived research available on internal servers that would benefit from being made publicly available. Archived content can be harvested into your instance of Figshare using the API or we can assist you.

Music Archive of Monash University

Or read the case study on this.

Private Collaboration

For project groups needing to work across institutions, Figshare projects may be a suitable platform. Users can invite people from outside the institution to a private project to collaborate, sharing data privately. If and when the project is ready to be shared, projects can be made publicly available.

The Melbourne Children's Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Project

More information on MCRI’s approach to using Figshare projects can be found in this case study

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