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If you’re in the early stages of engaging your researchers, this section will help guide you through the resources available to help with onboarding of 
your Figshare instance from creating 
an engagement plan to organising a launch event.

Engagement plan templateMarketing materialsPick & choose your own features for promotional materialTips for organizing a launch event


This section provides some guidance for promoting your Figshare repository at your institution and includes strategies for promoting and integrating your Figshare repository into institutional workflows and an advocacy briefing document.

Strategies for promoting and integrating your Figshare repository into institutional workflowsAdvocacy briefing Advocacy briefing (back page)

Once you’ve done some initial onboarding, you might be thinking about further engagement with a wider audience at your institution. Below, you’ll find some tips for expanding your use cases, example data, and more.

Research data management engagement materials from institutionsFigshare use casesExample data

case studies

Case studies on figshare users sharing their experience with open data.
View the entire collection of case studies on Figshare.

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There are lots of materials to guide you through the process of using Figshare, whether you’re a user or an administrator, reviewer, or reporter.

View training resources



An opportunity to meet other people passionate about open data and open research. If you’re an advocate of open data or interesting in learning more about the program, you can apply.

Become an ambassadorShare the ethosSpread awareness

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