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The UK is Figshare’s home region and includes over 30 institutions storing and showcasing data, papers, theses, museum exhibits and archives, teaching materials, and assessment outputs — including REF submissions — on Figshare.


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Data Visualization in the Digital Humanities

A case study that looks at the data visualization work undertaken by David Banks and colleagues from the University of Sussex to better engage with historical datasets and to allow researchers to dive into datasets deeper and more meaningfully.

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A multi-national collaboration on mental health literacy using narrative interviews and theatre methodology

• Professor Raghu Raghavan, Dr. Nadia Svirydzenka, and Dr. Amanda Wilson and their colleagues are collecting narrative interviews and visual documentation of how rural and urban communities in Kerala, India understand mental health literacy using cross-discipline collaboration.

• A Figshare project space has been created to store and share anonymized transcriptions and translations of narrative interviews for analyzing and discussion across colleagues from various institutions globally.

• For researchers looking to embark on a similar area of research, they suggest as much forward-planning as possible to ensure you are able to share meaningful data in a controlled, appropriate way.

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Hosting posters, online events, and the National Teaching Repository

  • Dawne uses Edge Hill’s Figshare to store and share her visual research (including posters and Sketchnoting). 

  • Liam has created subgroups to host conference materials, particularly for those that have been moved online during the pandemic. 

  • The National Teaching Repository is being hosted on Edge Hill’s Figshare and includes content submitted by teaching faculty from across the UK and is further enhanced by a number of reviewers who are experts in their field.

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Figshare Ambassadors are advocates for open research and open data. They are active in community events and conversations around these topics while benefitting from a network of other ambassadors in their region.

Figshare as an all-in-one institutional repository: Loughborough University's DSpace migration, reconfiguration of the data repository and reintegration with Symplectic Elements

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