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A thriving community of universities based in Australia and New Zealand, this community includes some of the most mature Figshare for Institutions users and trailblazers for using Figshare for data, papers, museum archives, medical research, and more.


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A competition encourages graduate students to develop communication skills

Visualise Your Thesis is a competition where graduate students create 60-second presentations of their thesis using a variety of creative methods from stop-motion films to animations. The objective is to encourage students to consider how they would communicate their research in a succinct and effective way, particularly when time is limited and the audience is the general public.

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Bridges success is producing more success

This case study looks at Monash University's six year Figshare journey, from launching monash.figshare for research data to the Bridges rebranding, widespread institutional use cases including an archive and open access journal, and one million downloads.

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Using Figshare to store large datasets

Research Data Management from the perspective of a researcher:

The wheat genome is about five times larger than the human genome; therefore, working with this genome creates a lot of data. Bioplatforms Australia, in consultation with the Australian research community,  has  sequenced the genomes  of 16 wheat  accessions  -  the  plant  materials  collected  from a particular area - with the purpose of developing a resource for the community to use...

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Monash University’s Content Migration

This is a case study based on Monash University's experience migrating content, including their theses, into their instance of Figshare.

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Figshare Ambassadors are advocates for open research and open data. They are active in community events and conversations around these topics while benefitting from a network of other ambassadors in their region.

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