Figshare product updates: May 2023


We’re excited to share our latest product updates with you! 

This month has seen some improvements to our search functionality as well as a new feature that will save time for Institutional Administrators as they can now edit items and impersonate users from the public item pages. 

This article gives a brief overview of the highlights of this month's release, if you’d like to read the release notes, you can do that here. 

Search page improvements ( 

As part of a larger ongoing project to improve search functionality across Figshare, we have released some new features in beta across and we have also introduced some full-text search capabilities across Figshare for Institutions. 

This is the first release in a series of updates to search functionality, with a view to better handle all research outputs and begin searching within the content itself.

We have developed a new page, which can be accessed at or https://[portal] (to search within an institutional repository). 

This page is available in parallel with the existing search page until the entire development of the improvements are completed. 

Exciting new additions include a new default facet which gives users the ability to search by Funder body

This makes it easier to explore all research outputs shared across that have been funded by different organizations.

On the left hand side of the beta search page, you can see a new default facet for Funder name.

There are various visual improvements too, with longer facet values displayed on a maximum of two lines, with an ellipsis at the end of the second line, while the full value will be displayed on hover-over. 

Full text search (Figshare for Institutions) 

We’ve also introduced some full text search capabilities for institutional repositories.  An institutional, logged in user should be able to search on the institutional repository hosted on Figshare in the content of the deposited files as well as in the metadata of the research objects.

Upon performing a search with the file content only radio button checked, the search subsystem will perform a query in the file content index and will return the relevant items found there.

For the moment, only PDF files will be considered.  When the file content only radio button is checked, the facet area on the left of the page and the sorting dropdown will be disabled and all correlated functionalities will not be available. 

Impersonate and edit from public item page (Figshare for Institutions) 

A shortcut for impersonating another account and editing an item has been added to public item pages. 

Administrators will be able to impersonate the account that owns an item and go directly to the edit item page in a single click, no longer requiring administrators to search for the account in the user list page, impersonate and search for the item in “My Data”. 

The shortcut will also be added to the review page, allowing reviewers who are also repository administrators to edit all metadata fields using the new edit item page.

There is now an 'Edit as administrator' button that appears for admins on public item pages.

This change will create efficiencies in the existing reviewer and editing workflows, saving Institutional Administrators time and further improving the user experience across the interface. 

Please note that this change is only currently available for those that have the new edit item page, which is dependent on whether the Institutional Repository is FoR2020 migrated. You can find out more about the new edit item page here

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