Product updates April 2023: New edit item page


Figshare product updates: new edit item page

We are excited to share some product updates and improvements that the Figshare team has been working on. 

This post will summarise the new edit item page specifically, but if you’d like to read the full release notes - you can do so here.

New edit item page

We have a new, redesigned and fully-accessible page for creating and editing an item, which opens in a new tab all the time. By having a stand alone page on a stand alone url, this also unlocks the ability for us to do a lot of things in the future, from “one click impersonation” to “collaborative metadata editing.”

The new page for creating items is available for institutional repositories if the portal is migrated to FoR2020 category codes and for users. 

The new page further improves our accessibility requirements compliance and provides a brand new look to the “manage files area” and for the mandatory metadata fill in. 

Initial testing suggests that the new edit item page encourages better end-user behaviour in terms of metadata provision. 

The recently improved WYSIWYG text editor has been integrated to the Description field to provide richer descriptive metadata.

The sidebar now has all action items grouped together. This move should help build a more intuitive UX for end users and admins alike. 

The new page introduces lots of scalable elements that will enable further planned developments to the Figshare platform, including custom metadata by item type. 

Watch our handy overview video below for a tutorial of the new edit item experience.

We're looking forward to sharing more exciting updates with you soon! 

You can view the current product roadmap here

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