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Sharing, showcasing and understanding the impact of non-traditional research outputs

March 21, 2023

Andrew Mckenna-Foster

Shannon O'Reilly

Research outputs are no longer just academic papers and datasets.

Arts performances, conceptual designs, music scores, costumes, models and all other non-traditional research outputs can and should be shared, showcased and tracked.

Watch our on demand webinar on non-traditional research outputs with Figshare and Altmetric where we discussed:

  • Sharing and showcasing non-traditional research outputs in Figshare
  • How DOIs and robust metadata can ensure these outputs are discoverable and citable
  • How Altmetric attention data provides a unique insight into the online conversations surrounding these outputs

Sharing real examples from institutions around the world and with product specialists from both Figshare and Altmetric, this webinar provided an overview of how you can share NTROs and why it’s important.