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From the ground up: How one librarian can build and sustain an active research data management community

July 13, 2023


Libraries and their staff are busier than ever before. 

There is more pressure on researchers than ever before to ensure that their research is FAIR. In the most recent State of Open Data report, 72% researchers said they’d look to an internal resource at their institution for help with making their research data openly available.

So how can libraries build and sustain research data management structures and communities, especially with limited resources and growing researcher populations?

During this webinar, we were joined by Dr. Aamir Hussain, Research Data Project Officer at De Montfort University. 

Aamir discussed how he ‘pitched’ the Figshare repository to researchers across the university, building enthusiasm and growing usage from the ground up. 

He also covered how as the user community of the University’s Figshare has evolved, he’s developed a catalogue of resources and materials that researchers love and result in Aamir being able to focus his time on the bigger questions surrounding FAIR research sharing, rather than the practicalities. 

Watch this session with the Figshare Team and Aamir to discover how small teams and busy librarians can grow and evolve proficient research data management at their universities.