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10 Years of Figshare: a decade of progress in research management practices and community-driven product development

March 24, 2022


Figshare is celebrating 10 years of providing leading repository software for universities, publishers, funders, government agencies, biopharmaceutical organizations, labs, and more. To celebrate, we’re looking back at the last ten years of research management and how the industry has grown to support the sharing of data and other research outputs in ways that are FAIRer and more discoverable. We’ll also look at the last ten years of product development at Figshare and how this has been driven by the feedback from the communities we serve, the trends we've observed over time, and the evolving industry standards and compliance requirements. Join us as Mark Hahnel, Founder and CEO of Figshare, and Chris Blumzon, Product Director, turn back the clock to look at the last ten years of innovation in the research data and research outputs space.

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