flexible submission workflows

Integrate with your submission workflow for a seamless process when transferring data for review, curation, and publication. Our implementation team will work with you to ensure that the workflow is simple and user friendly for your authors and editors.

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figshare submission workflows - flexible and simple - publishers integration

how it works

dedicated implementation team

Our experienced implementation team will guide you through the process of integrating data submission into your journals depending on your systems and resources.

author deposit

Authors can upload data directly to the publisher Figshare portal as part of the article’s submission process, data can then be checked by editors and peer reviewed before publication.

administrator deposit

Administrator takes data from the submission system, checks data before uploading to the publisher Figshare portal on the author’s behalf.

API integration

Push data directly to the portal and associate with the relevant article via the Figshare API (please note that for this option some technical effort is required on the publisher side).

addons and extras

historic content ingestion

We can help you batch upload any historic data in the system, assign DOIs and metadata, and publish in the portal.


If you don’t have the resources in-house to check and curate data, Figshare has an experienced team with library and scholarly backgrounds to ensure your data is as FAIR as possible.

custom integrations

The Figshare team is able to build custom integrations in consultation with your tech team and partners, get in touch to find out more.

connected to the wider ecosystem

Figshare integrates with a number of Digital Science products and systems in the wider research ecosystem to help you measure the impact of your data and make it discoverable across a variety of platforms.

Figshare’s integration with Aries Systems’ Editorial Manager​​® (EM) enables the efficient and seamless adding of data during manuscript submission. Authors can preview the dataset files as they will appear on Figshare when published, edit the metadata, and add additional files to their submission in EM.

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