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figshare as a thesis repository

Thesis are best seen in the browser. With a subportal for each journal (or each subject area) the data is automatically organised making it easy to find and access.

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figshare a thesis repository

The Figshare Viewer

Viewer is an embeddable widget that allows you to preview data within your journal platform, alongside the articles, removing the need for downloading and 3rd party software.

Custom domains

Portals can be on a Figshare subdomain eg. or on your own custom domain eg. ensuring a seamless user experience and branding consistency.

DOI (Digital Object Identifiers)

All outputs are assigned a Datacite DOI ensuring persistence and citability. A DOI can be assigned to a single output or multiple outputs grouped together and can be custom branded. XYX.Publishername.XYX


Over 1200 different file types are previewed in the browser removing the need for downloading and third party software.

Accept all files

We accept any file type and file submissions up to 5 terabytes in size allowing you to accept almost any data output your authors submit.

Citation counts

Track the hidden impact of your data with the only data portal to have citation counts from over 100 million papers, powered by Dimensions. Enhance your reader experience by linking data to other relevant papers.

Usage metrics

Measure the impact of your supplemental data by tracking views, downloads, citations as well as social media attention, media & policy mentions, powered by Altmetric.

Sub portals

Each journal or subject area gets a subportal with a unique URL and branding to browse the data from that title only making discipline specific data easier to find.

Enhanced indexing

Have your data automatically marked up and indexed by Google Dataset Search, Dimensions Datasets and all major search engines.

Be part of a wider corpus

Have your data included in the Figshare corpus of over four million outputs which receives one million monthly readers.

Trusted by publishers world wide

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