The Figshare Curation Service Model

Help you to make the research in your Figshare repository is as FAIR as possible with the Figshare Curation Service. 
With a subscription, you can:

●  Have all submitted content reviewed and enhanced prior to publication

●  Check that deposits and accompanying metadata are in line with the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) principles

●  Set up a custom review workflow that includes a metadata quality and completeness check
●  Encourage more use and potential reuse and replication of submitted content

●  Launch out-of-the-box research data support for your researchers, authors, and editors

checked and FAIR stamp figshare curation service

working with Figshare for Institutions

Figshare Curation Service is a service subscription available as an addition to a Figshare for Institutions, Figshare for Publishers, Figshare for Funders, or Figshare for Biopharma annual platform subscription. FCS subscriptions are tiered based on the anticipated number of deposits (items with unique DOIs) that will be curated per year beginning at 100 items per year.

Included with an FCS annual subscription are:

●  Curation of deposited items (number of items curated based on subscription tier: 100, 250, or custom)

●  Custom guide materials for deposit best practices
●  2 Remote training sessions (recording available; optional per session cost for additional)
●  Email support for researchers and authors during the deposit process
●  Quarterly update on deposits and curation activity

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