The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network uses Figshare to store and share its videos

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network uses Figshare to store and share its videos


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The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network (CTSNet), a scholarly and clinician community focused on cardiothoracic surgery, recently implemented Figshare to showcase and provide a digital object identifier for all its new videos publications. 

CTSNet also makes its videos available on  YouTube, but Figshare is able to guarantee a permanent electronic location for CTSNet’s exceptional content. The CTSNet editorial team wanted to “journalize” CTSNet’s video publications to make them more discoverable and citable within a scholarly environment. 

“We wanted to implement Altmetrics on to show the attention our content was receiving across the web and social media,” said Grahame Rush, CTSNet Executive Director. “Figshare was ideal for providing the necessary digital object identifier, and serving as a scholarly venue to exhibit our fabulous surgical video material.”

By posting videos to Figshare, CTSNet is able to track not only views and downloads, but also citations and Altmetrics. 

Each item uploaded to Figshare links to the original article, making it easy for those watching the video to find more information. Each page is also branded with CTSNet’s logo, improving the organization’s visibility and driving traffic back to the article page on

In just a few months of using Figshare to feature video content, CTSNet has posted over 70 videos, with almost 7,000 views and over 2,000 downloads. Many of these videos are instructional case studies demonstrating procedures and providing information on techniques and best practices.

Abu Akar, Firas; Zhao, Tian; Zhang, Li Ming; Ma, Tinglong; Oviedo, Alonso; Xiaogang, Zhao (2017): Uniportal VATS Left Lower Lobectomy to Treat Intralobar Pulmonary Sequestration. CTSNet, Inc. 

Other videos are high quality meeting presentations from professionals in the cardiothoracic space. 

Luckraz, Heyman (2017): TAVR Approaches and Advances. CTSNet, Inc. 

CTSNet videos also include roundtable discussions on important topics within the cardiothoracic surgery specialty.

Bashir, Mohamad; Bavaria, Joseph; Sundt, Thoralf; Khoynezhad, Ali; Grabenwoger, Martin (2017): Controversies in Type A Aortic Dissection - Optimal Strategies and Surgical Interventions. CTSNet, Inc. 

If you’d like to know more about CTSNet and their experience using Figshare to host their video content, please contact Grahame Rush (

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