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Figshare can be used as a platform for storing and exhibiting
 your institution’s creative outputs.

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how are institutions using figshare for the Arts?

The University of the Arts, London

The University of the Arts, London hosted the International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference and uploaded all the outputs from the conference to their Figshare repository including designs, presentations, posters, and more.

Check out the conference outputs

Bath Spa University logo

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University uses Figshare to showcase portfolios of Art & Design research, particularly for REF outputs.

“These portfolios were developed with the intention that they would be the preferred REF output template for multi-component outputs in creative practice research areas, particularly those that benefit from Figshare’s vibrant previewing capabilities for audio-visual file types. Artist Boss is a large project, including several exhibitions, learning materials, videos, and a website, as well as the final book publication with Wunderkammer Press.”
Miranda Barnes, Research Publications Librarian

Artist Boss portfolio  on BathSPAdata

Read more about portfolios on Figshare

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University uses their Figshare repository for theses, papers, data, and research outputs like these video examples of Focal Impulse Theory, part of Musicology.

Check out the video examples

University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming shared instructional ballet tutorials by Marsha Fay Knight, Professor of Dance, on their Figshare repository during the Covid-19 pandemic. They also included instructional guides alongside the video tutorials.

Check out the tutorials

Monash University

The Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU) uses their Figshare repository to showcase archived content including musical instruments, scores, field recordings, and diverse other materials. Previously stored behind closed doors, this content is now open for people all over the world to experience. 

“With printed materials, it’s very difficult for musicians and musicologists to reference the music they’re talking about. So we like the idea of making any digitized audio and audio/visual examples described and discussed in scholarly publications accessible to readers. We can do that by including the automatic DOI links generated by Figshare in those publications. People can easily listen to or observe the musical examples on Figshare while they read the associated books, chapters, or journal articles.”

The Music Archive of Monash University

why figshare?

Figshare is a software-as-a-service repository platform. This means we do all the development and maintenance while you use it as a tool to share and showcase digital objects. The annual subscription fee includes all features, maintenance and support, Amazon S3 storage, and rolling software updates.

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