How to upload confidential files, linked files, embargoed files, and metadata records only


There are a number of reasons why you may want to conditionally upload your files:

    • There may be ethically or commercially sensitive data
    • You may not have permission to make the data available (i.e. the research hasn’t be published yet)
    • Your data may be stored somewhere else, but you want to link to it to get a DOI


1. How to upload a confidential file 

Once you have selected a file to upload, scroll to the bottom of the page and tick Make file(s) confidential. Please note, you must upload a file before the option to make a file confidential will appear.


2. How to link an external file

Click the Link file button at the top of the screen and copy the link in the box. Click out of the box to continue adding metadata.


3. How to upload an embargoed file

Select the Apply Embargo button and select whether you want the embargo on the file(s) only or the metadata, as well. Select the embargo period and the reason.


4. How to make metadata records

Tick the metadata record only box at the top of the screen and enter a reason.