Health Research Alliance (HRA) Open launches ORCID integration


HRA Open member-funded awardees can now log in to the HRA Open application using their ORCID login details.

The Health Research Alliance (HRA) has partnered with Figshare and the National Library of Medicine to implement a new integration for member-funded awardees to log in to the HRA Open application using their ORCID login details.

HRA Open is a valuable tool powered by Figshare, that connects research outputs to the grants that funded them and makes those outputs freely accessible. ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID) which is now used by HRA Open to validate awardees’ identities.

HRA Open is an HRA-sponsored web-based service that promotes open science by providing a space for awardees to share materials related to funded projects, including journal-accepted manuscripts, figures, datasets, and presentations, in either Figshare or PubMed Central, depending on the output. HRA Open has been available since 2018 and now hosts almost 700 research outputs including manuscripts, preprints, datasets, posters, and more.

From Maryrose Franko, Executive Director of HRA: “HRA Open is an important tool for funders who want to encourage open access. Awardees value the ability to deposit research outputs into PubMed Central or Figshare – and the new ORCID integration makes that process much easier.”

Mark Hahnel, CEO and Founder of Figshare, said: “We’re thrilled that HRA Open has lowered the barrier to entry even further for their awardees to make their research outputs openly available with their new ORCID integration.”

Manuscripts submitted by awardees can be found in PubMed Central. All other research outputs submitted by awardees are available at

Jul 12, 2022 12:00

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