Figshare product updates: July 2023


Welcome to our July product updates blog

This post will give you an overview of the latest updates and additions that were included in the last product push. 

If you’d like to read about our updates in more detail, you can view the full release notes here

Highlights include: 

  • Metadata crosswalk functionality 
  • Custom metadata fields now explicitly searchable 
  • Custom thumbnails 

Metadata crosswalk functionality 

This is the first phase of a wider project to enhance interoperability with Figshare items and their metadata. 

Repository administrators will now be able to submit support requests for creating crosswalks between Figshare metadata fields (beginning with custom metadata fields), to Datacite when minting DOIs. 

Crucially, this will mean that more metadata will be exposed to the wider research ecosystem. 

Repository administrators can supply this via spreadsheet or email and can be done on the repository level or for specific groups. This means multiple fields could feed the same DataCite fields. 

The next phase, coming in next month’s release, will allow standard Figshare fields to be remapped too.

Custom metadata fields now explicitly searchable using advanced search

Last month we announced that for our Figshare for Institutions users, custom metadata fields could now be added as search facets. 

As part of further updates to our search functionality, these custom metadata fields are now explicitly searchable. So search results can be both limited to a particular field and you can also search within that, using the advanced search functionality. 

Find out more here

Custom thumbnails for Figshare items

This highly requested feature will enhance the look and feel of Figshare repositories. 

Previously, thumbnails for Figshare items were automatically generated from one of the attached files. 

This new functionality will allow users to upload their own thumbnail, which will

overwrite the auto-generated one. The image should be a JPEG or PNG, under 2MB with a recommended resolution of 216x162 pixels.

Importantly, this will not be part of the scholarly record for that item, it exists separately.

OAI-PMH format for OpenAIRE 

Interoperability is something we believe in strongly at Figshare. We learned recently that items with handles were not included in the OpenAIRE Explore search, due to the fact that OpenAIRE harvests items via OAI-PMH and using the DataCite metadata schema. 

We have worked with OpenAIRE to implement a new OAI-PMH format, the OpenAIRE CERIF profile. This change will allow harvesting of the full corpus. 

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