Upload large datasets and bulk upload using the desktop uploader or API

There are several ways to upload your data, depending on the size: 

1. Through My data where you can drag and drop files of up to 5GB (default limit), if you need to upload a single file that is bigger than 5GB please submit a support ticket here and we will lift the limit to allow you to do so. For guidance on uploading through My data, click here.

2. Using our desktop uploader or the Figshare API, especially when working with large file/s - most web browsers can cope with ~5GB single file uploads only.

3. If these options do not meet your data needs please create a support ticket here or get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do, Figshare can support the single file uploads of up to 5TB in size.

All figshare.com accounts are provided with 20GB of free private space and unlimited public space! For institutional clients your private space limit is dependent on your institution, please contact your institutional admins if you require more space.   

Individual account limits - such as the number of files per item - are listed here

The process for uploading using the deskop uploader or the Figshare API are documented below.


How to use the desktop uploader

The desktop uploader is a lightweight app that sits on your desktop and allows you to drag in your research outputs, where you can then track their progress as they are uploaded securely to the cloud. 

You can upload many files at once and resumable uploads are also supported, which means if your internet connection drops you don’t need to start the uploads again. 

You can download the uploader here. Once installed, login using your figshare credentials:

To generate a personal token, go to the application page - https://figshare.com/account/applications - and scroll down to: 

Click 'Create Personal Token' and use the code to sign into the Desktop uploader. 


How to use the API

Documentation on how to use Figshare's API can be found at https://docs.figshare.com/.