Preservation and Continuity of Access Policy

Research data made public on, will be deposited into DPN, a dark archive that preserves scholarship for future generations, click here to find out more about DPN. Figshare users can guarantee that long-term access to their scholarly resources will be protected in the event of any type of change in administrative or physical institutional environments.

Figshare will use the DuraSpace DuraCloud Vault deposit node to add their content into DPN to preserve its public corpus of multi-disciplinary data. The multi-scale DPN approach to stored content by leveraging a heterogeneous network that spans diverse geographic, environmental, and political climates will enable the secure, long-term preservation of figshare content, which will ultimately reside under control of the academy.

DPN depositors add assets to the network by working with a DPN ingest Node which serves as an interim access point for resources that will be added to the network. Current DPN members may now add digital assets to the Digital Preservation Network through DuraCloud Vault, a cooperative development between DPN, DuraSpace and Chronopolis.

The partnership also allows for further integration with figshare for Institutions for existing DPN members and will provide additional options for how to store and preserve research data. Figshare will continue to provide the same level of service and end user experience while users can rest easy knowing that their content is preserved in DPN, a trusted digital preservation service.

“The commitment that figshare is making to the academic enterprise by depositing their users’ public data into DPN can not be overstated. Extending the spectrum of preserved academic output for the future to explicitly include research data is an important step forward for the community,” says Mary Molinaro, DPN Chief Operating Officer and Services Manager. “It is our hope that other data repositories follow figshare’s lead.”